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Prilozi na engleskom jeziku

Jesus and Temptation in Luke 4

Rabbi Yeshua and the Holy Scriptures In this consideration I want to tell something about how Gospel of Saint Luke is dealing with biblical text, or – even [..]


Heart of a mother

The spirituality of Mother Mary for today The well-known biblical account about the wedding in Cana of Galilee shows how strong is the influence of Mother Mary. With [..]


The faith of Samson’s mother

Judges 13 and the context We are right when we complain that we live in bad times if we look at the world today. The Bible has a [..]


English on AMDG

Welcome to AMDG! – AMDG is the latin abbreviation for “Ad maiorem Dei gloriam” meaning: to the greater glory of God. It gives a synthesis to the fundamental principle of [..]


The great mission

The great mission by the Prince of Peace The Lord and Creator meeting his apostles John 20:19–23 It is only after his resurrection that the Lord is greeting [..]